Heaton Green Dust Control LTD

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The company was established in 1982 and driven forward to become firmly established as a UK market leader in the design and manufacture of dust extraction systems and filtration equipment. Working firstly out of a small rented sales office in an old mill in Dewsbury, Heaton Green has evolved into a much larger organisation. Employing over 30 personnel occupying its own manufacturing facility in Batley West Yorkshire, housing over 1700m² of production floor space, sewing room, sales/projects office and administration.

The production of reliable UK manufactured products is greatly helped by the collective knowledge and expertise, gained over the life of the company.

Heaton Green is proud of the reputation it has built up over the years serving many industries. To ensure this reputation remains intact, the company continually invests in people, so that a high calibre workforce is maintained.

The high quality provision of product and services has, over the years led to a very high level of returning customers, some of which have been clients since Heaton Green’s incorporation in 1982.

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