Econotube Dust Extraction System


Reverse Jet Tube Filter

The ECONOTUBE dust extraction system is a reverse jet cleaned tubular bag filter unit, which is designed to operate continuously across a wide range of industrial processes handling many differing dust types.

Applied to many to many dust extraction systems in many different industries, the ECONOTUBE is a reliable filter and is often used on the more arduous applications.

Finally the ECONOTUBE is a versatile and adaptable filter and often used on larger dust control/extraction projects.

Technical Specifications

Dirty air case: 3mm mild steel fully welded panel construction
Clean air case: 3mm mild steel fully welded panel construction
Collection hopper: 3mm mild steel fully welded panel construction
Support legs: Mild steel rolled steel section, fully welded construction
Filter cages: Galvanised mild steel wire construction. Top hat, internal venturi with crimped end caps
Access ladders and handrails: Included in galvanised construction
Compressed air header tanks: Certified header tank according to CE directives 87/404 & 90/488. Temperature range -10 to +55°C. Maximum pressure 8 bar. Requires clean, dry oil free supply at quantity indicated depending on size.
Diaphragm valves: 1” diameter port, aluminium diecast body with nitrile seals. Pressure range 30-860 kPa. Temperature range -40 to +82°C.
Sequential controller: Solid state PCB. Two electronic timers allow adjustment for duration of pulse and interval between pulses. Voltages of 110v, 220v and 240v AC single phase 50Hz can be accepted by the board in all cases giving an 110v output to the pilot valves. IP65 Polycarbonate enclosure.
Paint finish: To HGDC standard paint finish (copy available on request) in colour to suit customers choice.

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