Dust Extraction Units

Our collection of dust extraction units are carefully chosen to offer the ideal solution to your business needs by incorporating solutions that are designed for either intermittent or constant use, and to extract dry, fine, free flowing particulates through to thicker and coarser dust particles.

At the design stage of any dust extraction systems, the selection of an appropriate dust extraction unit is the most important factor behind any system. Providing ideal cost effective solutions our dust extraction units are available in a wide range of configurations and include designs that range from flat pad through to circular configurations you can be assured that Heaton Green can provide the most appropriate specification for your individual business requirements and no matter which dust extraction unit your business utilises you can be assured of fantastic reliability and performance

Dust Extraction Units

Our Dust Extraction Units

Cartirjet Dust Remover System


A versatile, reverse jet cartridge filter employing a pleated cartridge and filter elements at the heart of the dust remover system, the CARTRIJET is ideally

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Econojet Dust Collector


The ECONOJET is a versatile dust collector, designed around a flat pad filter configuration, cleaned during operation by a reverse pulse of compressed air. Thanks

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Econoject EJVAC Dust Extractor vVcuum

Econojet EJVAC

The EJVAC takes the benefits of the ECONOJET filter system and is mounted within a circular filter body. The circular filter body allows the system

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Economech Dust Extraction System


Introduced in 1982, the ECONOMECH dust extraction system has been working successfully throughout a wide variety of industries for over 35 years, demonstrating a proven

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Econotube Dust Extraction System


The ECONOTUBE dust extraction system is a reverse jet cleaned tubular bag filter unit, which is designed to operate continuously across a wide range of

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SiloJet 27

The Silo Venting filter unit is principally used on sealed silos to filterthe dust laden displaced air generated by the process of filling the siloby

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Industrial Dust Extraction Ducting


No two dust extraction ductwork systems are the same so every installation has to be considered by merit by a competent design engineer. At Heaton

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Our Latest Case Studies

Ironbridge Power Station - Industrial Dust Collector

Ironbridge Power Station

(through AJS Contracts) Ironbridge is a coal fired power station that has been converted to run on biomass fuel. The plant has been converted so that it

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Dust Collector Unit At GB Cullet LTD


GB Cullet Ltd is a well established glass re-cycling company based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. They recently had some new machinery installed in their factory processing re-cycled

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Dust Extraction System At Tilbury Power Station

Tilbury Power Station

(through AJS Contacts) In early 2011, Tilbury Power Station was granted the necessary consents from the Environment Agency and Local Planning Authority to convert all

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