Dust Extraction System At Tilbury Power Station

Tilbury Power Station

Biomass – Tube Type Filter Unit

(through AJS Contacts)

In early 2011, Tilbury Power Station was granted the necessary consents from the Environment Agency and Local Planning Authority to convert all three of the power station’s operational units to generate power from 100% sustainable biomass.

The converted plant provided enough power for around 1.5 million households over the remainder of its lifetime. Operation of the plant on biomass rather than coal will result in greenhouse gas savings in excess of 70%. The converted power station is now fully operational and will run on biomass until its closure under the Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCPD)
by around mid-2013.

Heaton Green Dust Control have worked in conjunction with Fairport Engineering to provide the dust extraction systems for all the mechanical handling equipment transporting the wood pellets from the ship intake to the mill bunkers prior to burning. Heaton Green Dust Control designed, supplied and installed the complete extraction systems for the control of dust at various points throughout the plant.

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