Ironbridge Power Station - Industrial Dust Collector

Ironbridge Power Station

Biomass – Tube Type Filter Unit

(through AJS Contracts)

Ironbridge is a coal fired power station that has been converted to run on biomass fuel. The plant has been converted so that it can use 100% wood pellets as a renewable fuel source until its planned closure in 2015 as part of the Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCPD).

Heaton Green Dust Control have worked in conjunction with AJS Contracts to provide the dust extraction systems for all the mechanical handling equipment transporting the wood pellets from the rail intake to the fuel store and mill bunkers prior to burning.

Wood pellets enter the power station by rail and are unloaded into underground bunkers and then they are transported to the large fuel store, or direct to the fuel bunkers by a series of belt conveyors. Heaton Green Dust Control designed, supplied and installed the complete dust extraction system for the control of dust at various points throughout the plant.

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