Organisational Improvements Driving Enhanced Customer Service

Delivering Organisational Improvements Through System Integration

At Heaton Green we strive to create improvements in order to deliver a better service to our customers. From our quotations through to manufacturing and delivery we continually review our processes and systems to ensure that our customer is always at the forefront of our minds.

Recently Heaton Green has adopted system integration to deliver improved operational procedures in stock management, purchasing and order processing which in turn has helped to streamline the manufacturing process to help deliver an improved customer experience. Our process involved finding a solution that delivered the functionality that was previously convoluted into two independent systems that didn’t communicate and also offered better reporting and stock management. Having looked at available solutions on the market we then looked for a partner to help deliver that solution to meet our requirements.

Learn how we partnered with leading solutions company Signum in the delivery of SAP Business One and the positive impact it has had on our organisation to deliver both a better customer service and operational improvements.

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