Heaton Green making scrubs for our amazing NHS

Answering the NHS’ call for help

For the Love Of Scrubs

As the impact of coronavirus or COVID19 impacts on everyone and businesses around the world we are working to ensure the continuity of operations at Heaton Green. Our first priority will always remain the health and safety of our employees and with this in mind, all employees who can are now working from home for the foreseeable future and those people involved in manufacturing are continuing at their normal workplace with additional protocols to enable a safe working environment.

Not only are we working to ensure the continuity of our operations but last week we used our expertise to cut fabric for local sewers to provide scrubs for a local care home, through the power of social media, the NHS Mid Yorkshire Trust have asked us to volunteer to help them achieve their goal of making 2,500 scrubs with the first 1000 required ASAP.

Here at Heaton Green we have diversified our ability from manufacturing bespoke filter bags in to making scrubs for our amazing NHS to help those on the front line. The first delivery of material arrived on Monday and we are working hard to get our first 1000 dispatched as soon as possible.

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