Silo Venting Dust Extraction Filter Unit | Silo 27

Introducing the SiloJet 27 Silo Venting Filter Unit

The Silojet 27 has been specifically designed for filtering the displaced air from silo filling by lorry loading tankers. Despite it’s compact size it delivers a 27m² filter area utilising the minimum filter required through years of proven experience of research and testing. The Silojet 27 is primarily designed and used on sealed silos but offers a fan assisted version allowing it to be applied to other process filling applications such as mechanical means.

This easy to maintain filter unit features a hinged lid and low profile body to allow easy access for changing filter cartridges. The Silojet 27 also features a 4mm mild steel fully welded hot dipped galvanised construction offering excellent corrosion resistance and extended life. The rigid construction protects the integral strength of the filter casing in the event of an overpressure situation caused by a blockage of the pressure relief valve.

Built using tried and tested technology, the Silojet 27 uses the same reverse jet cleaning technology developed for the Cartrijet range of filter units previously applied successfully on many installations throughout the UK. Cleaned air is allowed to discharge back into the atmosphere, whilst retaining the dust on the outside surface of the filter elements within the filter dirty air case and silo.. Each row of filter cartridges are continuously cleaned in sequence by a jet of compressed air released from the header tank controlled by a reverse jet station. The jet of compressed air rapidly inflates the inside of the filter element, dislodging the dust cake from the outside surface.

Typical applications include cement and aggregate silos in concrete batching plants, limestone and mineral silos in aggregate plants, additive and supplements in animal feed plants and flour silos in food plants.

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